I’m a failure

Not really. I mean, I accomplished my goal. I did all three races at the Princess Half, but I haven’t posted anything on this blog since September.


What. Even.

Regardless, I did, in fact, complete all three races. I did the races, and I walked the parks, and my body is still kind of in shock, and it’s the middle of May. May. That’s three months. 

Right. Right. The negative 10 readers I still have left are probably clamoring for pictures. 



I haven’t posted in a while. It’s hard to write a blog about my journey to run at Disney when I’m not running. Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics this past weekend and bought some more stuff for our running costumes. Three races = three outfits. Did I mention that we (my mom and I) are doing the Royal Family 5K and the Glass Slipper Challenge (a 10k and a half marathon)?

We are.

And we have the general idea for outfits planned. Originally we were going to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum for the half, but that wasn’t us. Now we’re “Oogie’s Girls” because we really like Nightmare Before Christmas. As for the rest of the races, I’m going to be Vidia from the Tinker Bell movies for the 5k, and Belle, from the Something There song, for the 10k. Belle was my favorite princess for most of my life (but Anna has taken her spot), and Vidia and I are kindred spirits.

I don’t know when I’m going to post next. Here’s a picture of my cat to tide you over.



This weekend was both a bust, and a win. I went shopping in Indiana, where I got some tank tops for the Disney races, and some bras for the fancy dinners there at Disney. Too much information? Lol, don’t care. Gotta keep ’em up somehow!

My week of doctor prescribed time off ends tomorrow, but because I’ve been having shin pains, and I don’t want to push it, I’m taking the rest of the month off from running. The program my mom and I are using to run doesn’t technically start until the end of this month or the beginning of October, so I’ll be good to start again come then.

Oh yeah, the training program is the Jeff Galloway run walk run method, because back in May, when I first started this venture, the thought of straight up running freaked me out, but this way it seemed doable. I started off running 5 seconds and walking for 55, but before my injury, I was up to running for 20 seconds and walking for 40. Doesn’t seem like a lot for “runners”, but I’m damn proud.

And I also feel like I’m entirely too boring to have a blog, haha, but c’est la vie.

I also don’t know French. I’m a German kind of girl.


Day 3 (or it was, when this was scheduled to post but it failed) (yay technology)

I’ve lost 10lbs since I started this venture, and I’m afraid I’m going to gain it all back. I haven’t quite gotten on the healthy eating part of the diet and exercise program. Oops? Chips and ice cream are my downfall, and I know I can still eat them…just in moderation. Moderation is hard, lol.

I’m taking a month off from running, because I need to rest my knee and my shins (although the doctor didn’t focus on my shins, they hurt a lot, and I fear I’ve got shin splints), so I’m on the hunt for a plus size one-piece bathing suit that doesn’t have a skirt so I can swim laps in the pool while my mom has her therapy appointments. And get goggles.

[tangent time] I was on the swim team when I was in 8th grade/freshman year of hs, but I quit due to an embarrassing situation and the fact that the coach wasn’t sympathetic to my situation. She made the entire team get matching swimsuits my second year, and I am okay with that. We needed to match. But the suit she picked out didn’t have a size bigger than a 16. I was wearing a 20. Oh yeah, I could fit in it, but it sure wasn’t pretty.

But I love to swim, and I need goggles to do so, as I do the flip turns and all that stuff. This post kinda sucks. Anyway, because I’m going to do the Princess Half marathon weekend, regardless of if I have to walk it, I’ve got costumes, so that will be a featured post soon. -Krystina

ps- again this was supposed to publish on the 12th

Day 2 (of blogging)

Oh my God my knee hurts so bad. Like whoa.

I can’t even remember the last time my knee hurt this bad…band camp, maybe? I did rifle for two years (one of them being an air rifle), and we had to do a rifle toss and catch it between our legs (it sounds so much more complicated than it was), and my knee was mottled with bruises that summer. But art is pain [insert dramatic artist’s sigh here], lol.

How about a little more about myself? You already know my name is Krystina, and that I’m fat (no sugarcoating it, I’ve been big all my life), but that’s about it.

I’m a librarian. I don’t have the fancy MLS degree to go with it, but I do work in my local library. I love to read, and my favorite series is Harry Potter (I’ve got a Harry Potter tattoo, with at least one more being in my future tattoo plans). My favorite Harry Potter character? Remus Lupin. I just LOVE the Marauders.

I have cats. Jasper Lucius and Ferdinand Amadeus. Technically Ferdinand belongs to my mom (hi mom, I know you’re reading this), but he kind of claimed me. I’m okay with this.

I have a degree in English literature, which means I have a degree that tells you that I like to read. I don’t really plan on doing anything with it, as I never plan on teaching. My original goal upon starting college was to be an elementary school librarian, but I was told I had to teach for a set amount of years first and I noped my way right out of that major.

Let’s see, what else…I get super obsessed with things super quickly. This usually applies to tv shows, like Supernatural. I was a freshman in high school when the show started, and I didn’t start watching it until last year, and I really could kick myself. All those years to collect merch and go to cons went to waste!

Oh, and one last factoid for this post? I am 23 years old, and I don’t have my drivers license. I’m okay with that. Walking is good for the soul, and I like to shock people when I tell them that I walk to work…it’s about a 15-20 minute walk, and the looks on peoples faces. They’re great.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell how the fitness updates are going to proceed, but oh well. I’m on an exercise “ban” for a week, and I’m potentially not running for a month, to see if that helps my knee, but here goes.

I will win.


PS: I’ll get pics of my babies up soon 😉 I can’t deprive my readers of their cuteness XD

Day One (of Blogging)

Today, September 10th, I went to the doctor because I’ve been having trouble with my legs, specifically shin splints and knee pains. The doctor told me to take it easy for a week, and got me an anti-inflammatory for my knee. He also kind of suggested to stop running, and that I could walk the half marathon. I have NO DOUBT that I could walk a half marathon…it’s just the principle of the matter. I want to run this…I’ve NEVER wanted to run before.

But as of this moment, it’s better than I thought. I could barely go to sleep last night because my brain was full of “Shit, what if I have to have knee surgery?? What if I can’t even WALK the half marathon?? We paid thousands of dollars for this trip!” (If you can’t tell, I’m an over-thinker, lol.) In hindsight, I should definitely have stretched more before running, but hindsight is always 20/20.

This blog, as the previous post said, has been a few months in the making. My mom really wanted me to make a vlog, but despite spending a lot of time on YouTube and watching people’s vlogs, it’s just not something I ever felt comfortable doing. Not saying that that won’t change, but as of right now, my YouTube channel just has marching band videos from when I was in high school. (Yes, by the way, I was in color guard…so I can jazz run, but not actually run, haha.) A lot of my coworkers suggested that I create a blog. 

My family thought it would be neat because I’ve never seen a blog journeying someone’s weight loss for something like this. Yes, we have Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, but they have trainers. I have a support network, yes, but they’re family (or the people at the gym), not famous trainers.

Let’s get this started 🙂 (in a week, haha!)


The beginning of my journey

This past May, I stumbled upon a post on Pinterest about fun runs to do, and the Princess Half marathon weekend was on that list.

Naturally, I had to do it. I swear that I’m a lost Disney Princess (y’know, the one they’d never make a movie about…because I cuss too much and would probably be the cat lady princess), ergo, this is my journey.

I’ve flirted with the idea of creating a blog for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to take that plunge. So, here’s my journey (even if the chronicling started a bit late, lol).

This is me. I started my journey a few pounds shy of 300, but now I’m at about 280 (it fluctuates a few pounds every day…yay water weight?).


halloween sami winchester


(This is me, from last Halloween…the last time I took a full body picture. Lol, oops?)